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Name: Beerus

Origin: Dragon Ball Z

Classification: Deity

Gender: Male

Age: 75,000,000 Millions years old

Strength Lifting: Featless

Speed: Low Sonic Level

Striking Speed: Low Sonic Level

Striking Strength: Mountain Level|Moon Level

Durability: Planet Level

Intelligence: High Average (In Martial Arts and Fighting)

Range: Universe Level

Destructive capacity: Multi-Plantiod Level|Planet Level|Mini-Star+ Level


Powers and Abilities: Longevity|Energy Blasts|Energy Manipulation|Expert Martial Arts|Matter Alteration

Weakness: Beerus shown to be below Whis and that he has a obsession with Food from many different planets he has also shown to gave a very short temper and is easily hot-headed when in a argument.

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