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Name: Kakarot

Origin: Dragon Ball Z

Classification: Alien

Gender: Male

Age: 40s

Strength Lifting: Heavy Ship Level|Large Building Level (Power Scaling due to the fact he hasn't shown 40+ ton lifting strength.)

Speed: Low Sonic Level|Super Sonic Level (Power Scaling Beerus)

Striking Speed: Mid Sonic Level|High Sonic Level (Power Scaling)

Striking Strength: Planetoid Level (Powerscaling)

Durability: Mountain Level|Planet Level (Power Scaling Beerus)

Intelligence: Boarder Line Level (No Education he is just a fighter.)

Range: Multi-Planet Level (Via: Instant Transmission)

Destructive capacity: Island Level|Moon Level|Planet Level (Power Scaling Roshi+Buu)


Powers and Abilities: Super Strength|Superhuman Speed|Flight|Transformation|Advance Martial Arts|Energy Manipulation (Ki)|Berserk Strength|Teleportation|Energy based attacks

Weakness: Planet or above attacks can kill Goku as he never actually tanked these level attacks he is also prone to let his guard down in a fight and try to change the villains ways which causes him even more of a weakness.

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