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Race Name: Beyonders

Race Origin: Marvel Comics

Race Classification: Extra-dimensional Entities

Race Gender: Males/Females

Race Age: Before Existence

Race Strength Lifting: Sun Level

Race Speed: Faster than Light Level |Omnipresent

Race Striking Speed: Sub-Relativistic

Race Striking Strength: Planet Level

Race Durability: ????

Race Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscience

Race Range: Omniversal Level

Race Destructive Capacity: Planet Level|Multi-Universe Level|Multiverse Level|Multiverse+ Level|Megaverse Level|Omniversal (Stated to affect the omniverse)

Race Stamina: Infinite Level


Powers and Abilities: Omnipotence|Nigh-Omniscience|Omnipresence|Universe Creation|Creation|Biological Creation|Cosmic Energy Manipulation|Body Modifications|Multiverse Collapse

Weakness: Plot Induced Stupidity seeing how they were taken down without by Thor and Hyperion only proves this.

Notable attacks and techniques: None


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